Apache Cassandra 2.0 with Jonathan Ellis

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Due to a busy workload over the past month or so DBD haven’t been blogging much, shame on us!┬áJust a quick one to mention that on the 11th of September Jonathan Ellis will be in Dublin with the Dublin Cassandra User Group to present on Apache Cassandra 2.0. As usual, DigBigData are organising the event in association with DataStax. This time around we are being hosted by Realex Payments, one of Ireland’s more robust and fast growing companies.

In terms of Cassandra 2.0, this release has some great features which are rather exciting in terms of Cassandra’s continuing evolution. Apart from the highlights such as lightweight transactions and triggers, there are several optimisations and new configurations that should make it even easier to get started with Cassandra. See the link below.


For those of you that are waiting for our next post with baited breath, we are going to try and get more hands on. So we’ll be posting about Cassandra re. non-functional testing, automation and monitoring over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

Information on the Meetup is here

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