DigBigData provide consultancy and development services for Big Data information system projects. From realtime and offline data analysis to infrastructure planning. We believe automating your data processing and using well supported, manageable systems are key factors in developing your big data strategy.

We are an advocate of Apache Cassandra for real-time, scalable applications, and a DataStax partner. We provide consultancy & development services for Apache Cassandra. We cover any issue related to running Apache Cassandra successfully in production. We can validate your assumptions about Cassandra, help you with your schema design, software integration, testing and automation.

We provide experts to come onsite to assist you getting from the whiteboard to production. We can also provide ongoing consultancy throughout the duration of your project. Additionally for existing users of Cassandra, we can also assist with operational tasks such as upgrades, integrating with monitoring infrastructure (DataStax OpsCentre, Zabbix, Nagios) and making sure you know precisely how your cluster is operating.

Take a look at why Netflix migrated from Oracle to Cassandra.

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